Base is openHAB running on a Raspberry Pi B+ Devices controlled by Telldus Tellstick DUO Energy monitoring device efergy e2 ir counting the LED pulses of the energy meter UI Frontend on 7″ Android 4.4 Tablet running Dashing  

My Smart Home

Pin Chuan – Former French Concession – best Shezuan restaurant in town. Constellation – Best cocktails in town. Unico – Bar of the Year 2013 M1nt – Recommended Hollywood – Last location before sunrise. – in timeline order –

Shanghai nightlife tour

Cal Pep – is a MUST. Best for having lunch at the bar. Come early, otherwise long waiting time (but with beer/wine) Taller de Tapas (Tapas workshop) – Best if you like to test a lot of small tapas. Good local beer. Escriba – Best pastry. Something for … Continue reading

Barcelona Insider locations

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